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This band needs to release another album - 90%

broomybroomybroomy, November 10th, 2011

The first track I heard on this album, "Lust to Devour," immediately got me hooked on this band. The opening riff was a perfect mix of melody and brutality. I had to listen to the song about four or five times in a row before I skipped to a different track, and the band continued to impress me. These guys write the kind of fresh, creative riffs that get stuck in your head for days. I have been headbanging in my office to seemingly nothing and my coworkers probably think I'm crazy.

It don't think I've ever heard a bad metal band from Australia and Infinitum is no exception. I'm beginning to think that we need MORE metal from Australia.

Their music is reminiscent of earlier Suffocation albums. The songs are technical and brutal, yet have some moments of melody. Nothing is predictable, and the songs almost always go in the right direction at the right times. A lot of technical death metal bands try to squeeze in as many guitar scales and arpeggios in a song as they can, without much structure in the songs themselves. Not this band. Every song is easily distinguishable and was obviously carefully written. The vocals are, in my opinion, what all death metal vocals should be. It's not the haphazard babbling or monotonous grunting that tends to ruin some death metal for me. The vocals add to the brutality and they have a place with the music. Try listening to this CD with some powerful sub woofers; the production is awesome. If I had one complaint about this album, it's that I would like to see some infrequent experimentation. Although I would say that this album could use a little more, I don't think anything should be removed.

In fact, this album is so good that I could show it to a non-metal listener and expect him or her to be impressed and/or start a pit. This is the kind of music that should turn kids away from deathcore, metalcore, and mallcore.

In conclusion, this album is one of my favorites and I have been inspired to check out the other bands of the members. This CD is a must own.

Recommended tracks: "The Anomaly Breeds," "Lust to Devour," and "Inward Outlook."

A fantastic Death Metal album - 92%

stefan86, May 13th, 2008

Infinitum is a pretty new australian Death Metal band. Seems the band members all have backgrounds in other popular acts and it definitely shows, 'cause this doesn't at all sound like a debut. It's more like a focused, seasoned band going out doing their thing with murderous precision.

The band name chosen is definitely worthy since there is a virtual infinitum of riffs on here. Chunky Suffocation riffs, semi-melodic riffs, flat out brutal and/or fast riffs. You name it, they've got it. The variations of riffs are slightly reminiscent of Blood Red Throne's best work. Only this band seems more focused on overall quality.

Considering the wide variety of guitar goodies on "Behold Eradication" the sound as a whole is very well glued together. The songs stand well on their own and the vocal lines add enough character to the different songs. Just listening to the first seconds of "Slaying The Colossi" is good proof of this. Awakening the almighty.. oh yes! That song is an onslaught of smart tempo changes and great riffs. There's three or four fantastic groove based chunky riffs and a couple of fast ones as well.

"Lust To Devour" and "Inward Outlook" completes a three song knockout combo I've rarely heard on the same Death Metal album. Both have instantly recognizable riffs (yes, I've said riffs about fourty times in this review) and fine hooks. Songwriting is top notch as well. The funny thing is that the rest of the songs aren't far behind either. What more could be desired?

And oh.. the growls! Once again Suffocation influences come quite well into play as this guy sounds a bit like Frank Mullen. He has that same bark going and also delivers some very good high pitched screams. Suits perfectly with the music. He also enforces the riffs by growling and shrieking at just about the right places.

This could very well be my final pick for album of the year in 2008. Fantastic brutal, precize and well written Death Metal. Infinitum is a winner.

Song choices: "Slaying The Colossi", "Lust To Devour", "Inward Outlook" and "Anomaly Breeds". I want to pick them all, really.