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Infinita Symphonia - Liberation - 95%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 22nd, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, My Kingdom Music (Digipak)

I have been familiar with Infinita Symphonia through their great releases “Infinita Symphonia” and “A Mind’s Chronicle” so I have been more than happy to see that they released a new album at the end of 2018. “Liberation” is the title so let’s see if their third record makes or breaks them.

Talking about the music the basis here is quite traditional power/prog Metal in the classic Italian school. Everything lovers of the genre came to appreciate can be found here. Great harmonies and melodies ranging from being sweet and uplifting to dark and melancholic carry the feeling and the emotions of the lyrics. The main chords are crunchy making this a metal record without a doubt. In fact, the riffing can get quite hefty compared to some of their peers. The main themes of each song are twisted and turned and often can be found in another variation in a later stage of the respective track. There are a lot of tempo and rhythm changes spread over the album so that things stay interesting throughout the whole running time.

The star of the show might be the lead guitar which does not only serve as atmosphere bringer in the background but also impresses with some well-played soloing sections. The level of instrumental skills on “Liberation” is very professional but the music is far from being too technical. While there are some poly-rhythms and complex drum parts each song has a clear and stringent structure making it easily enjoyable for each fan of melodic metal.

Most tracks have memorable refrains helping the music to be immediately accessible without coming across as being too simplistic. The hooks are embedded in the epic soundscape that is building the background. The guys also have a feeling for more mellow and softer moments without crossing the border-line to the country-of-too-much-cheese.

Singer Luca got a really pleasing and powerful voice. His delivery is top notch and he is able to highlight the softer parts as well as putting a lot of energy into the faster and heavier sections. I really like the mellow timbre of his voice and in my opinion he can stand his ground against some of the biggest names of the genre. He sounds more mature and strong compared to the earlier albums delivering an outstanding performance. Guest performances by Ralf Scheepers, Blaze Bayley and Alessandro Conti and while this is a nice feature Luca would have easily carried the album all by himself.

The production is pretty much flawless and it is obvious that a lot of work has been put into creating the album. The mix is well balanced with each instrument being fully audible. The sound is crystal clear with the guitars having a nice and crunchy tone and the drums sounding punchy and powerful. It speaks for the sound engineering that although so much is going on here no detail has been buried in the mix. Overall this one is a must-have for power/prog nerds like myself and just in case you missed them the first time around: Their previous albums have been re-released by their new label My Kingdom Music. So grab them while they are hot.