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Please clean up when you've finished - 70%

autothrall, December 8th, 2009

Ejaculating Chaos is the bloodspattered, full-length debut of Poland's Infidel, a black metal attack with a fresh, pulverizing tone that will appeal to fans of countrymen Infernal War and Thunderbolt, not to mention a host of heavier Scandinavian bands like Marduk or 1349. The band is far from original and they do not often invest in memorable riffs, but taken as a whole the album carries a hostile ballast to it which should flatten your skull if your preference runs more towards hostility and aggression than creeping atmosphere.

Most of the tracks operate on a fast and punishing motif: "The Thousand Sins", "Abnormal Stigmata", and "Kingdom Shall Return" forming a triumvirate of pure, antichristian adrenaline. The band also proves they can pull back the pacing as in the intro to "Illumination", but this too is quick to transform into a blast fest. The mix of the album is invigorating, hostile and oppressive, the guitars feel like coiled warmachines launching munitions directly into your ears, and the vocals are as despondent and evil as you could expect for such a display of power. Ejaculating Chaos is a solid debut, and though most of the tracks lack much replay value, it's the type of album you throw on when you just want to watch everything burn.

Highlights: Rising from the Infernal Abyss, Illumination, Unholy Blood Pt. II