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Excellent death metal with lots of atmosphere - 82%

wickedgnar, December 10th, 2005

Infester's only full length release is a very sludgy death metal assault, laden with tremelo picked passages and some unbelievably crushing riffs. "To the Depths in Degradation" takes you just where the title implies, providing you with a fifty minute stay in a land of brutality. The album grinds along at a modest pace for the majority of the time, although it does accelerate when it needs to, and even slows to a doom metal crawl at certain points. The songs generally all stick to the same basic themes and tend to sound similar, but that doesn't make it boring. That said, there are quite a few riffs on this album. The band manages to switch things up frequently, making sure nothing sticks around long enough to go stale.

As mentioned, the guitars don't ever stray too far away from tremelo picking based riffs, but they are usually very catchy and memorable. The bass is pretty audible, which is nice, but for the most part, it just follows the guitars around anyways. The drums are definitely one of the major highlights of the album - always complimenting the riffs, knowing when and when not to play blasts, and most importantly, playing some really interesting rhythms during the slower sections. The vocals are good - low grunts and snarls that are nearly impossible to understand. Occasionally the vocalist does some higher pitched screams, which are nice for variety's sake.

The only track that deserves to be thrown away is the very last one, simply titled "Outro", which is basically just two and a half minutes of growling. I usually just stop the album after track number nine, when the music is over. Otherwise, "To the Depths in Degradation" is very solid, and extremely worthy of being called a death metal classic. It is unique, brutal, and catchy, and has a great sense of atmosphere that you don't get to see all that often.