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Truly horrifying - 95%

ArtOfWar, May 13th, 2004

Having been one that has heard literally hundreds of Thrash/Death/Black/Grind bands, it's hard to find any that truly scare me with their musical presence. Only 4 bands to date have done this so far in my case, those being Blasphemy, Profanatica, Sadistik Exekution and Infester. This album is just flat out scary! Mixing elements of Death, Grind and Doom, Infester creates what should have been the true "Seattle sound" of the early 90's. Since this band had ties to the NS Black Metal communtiy, and due to the fact that they prominently featured a swastika inside the album's booklet, many overlooked this release. Too bad for them, as this is some heavy as hell music. The 10 tracks on this album are like the soundtrack to a nightmare from which you have no hope of waking. Sluggish rhythms give way to nail pounding blast beats, and the horrifying vocals of Jason Oliver. This dude sounds like he was buried 10 feet deep with a microphone in his hand, and a throat full of warm blood. The signature track on this album, "Braded Into Palsy," will scare you unlike anything. If you doubt that claim, listen to the passage that begins at the 3:45 mark of this song. As the band slows down and builds up again, Oliver lets out a grunt and scream so terryfing, you will be looking over your shoulder in fear. It's a shame that this was the band's only full-length release, because I would have loved to have heard more from them.

Both Moribund and Century Media Distribution still carry this title, so if you can, pick up a copy and prepare yourself for an onslaught like no other.