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Infernum > Damned Majesty > Reviews
Infernum - Damned Majesty

Well, I’ll be damned! - 90%

Pestbesmittad, January 26th, 2008

Oh yes, “Damned Majesty” sounds very much like early Graveland stuff: raw and hateful black metal with freezing synths. I’m a huge fan of old Graveland and consequently this stuff blew me away as well. Anextiomarus’ vocals sound exactly like Rob Darken, being fantastically cruel. It’s fascinating that someone other than Rob Darken can sound so much like him. Had someone played this to me without telling which band it was, I would’ve guessed it was Graveland. Keyboardist Icaunis (Rob Darken) uses the same type of freezing keyboard sound that he used on “Carpathian Wolves”. This gives the music a very cold and evil feeling, just like on early Graveland releases.

The factor that makes Infernum superior to the Graveland of the same era is the drumming. Tom Balrog is a tight drummer as opposed to the many times sloppy Capricornus. Balrog’s style is also a bit different from Capricornus’. There are e.g. more thrash beats here, Graveland never used them very much. As for the production, it’s rough but you can tell what’s going on. The guitar is at times drowned out by the drums and the synths, but most of the time you can hear the riffs well. The intro is a dark keyboard piece with wind effects in the background, while the outro is some kind of weird looped effect with some voices in the background. An excellent demo, which is a must for all worshippers of the early Graveland style. Too bad it’s as short as it is.