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Infernal War > Infernal SS > Reviews > PETERG
Infernal War - Infernal SS

An avverage small massacre - 65%

PETERG, April 25th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2002, CD, Dark Blaze Stronghold

The biggest reason why I love EPs is the surprise factor. A respective amount of them are literally small hidden gems that strike the listener for just enough time to leave him dumbfounded with the feeling of "what did I just listen to?". Sometimes though EPs just serve as mere samples of an artist's true work. And that is the case with "Infernal SS".

Here we do not experience the band's full potential which is unleashed to their later releases. Infernal War's arsenal when it comes to songwriting consists of heavily distorted tremolo picked guitars, solid bass and blast beats. A LOT of blast beats. Just as most bands in the veins of what Marduk did solely on "Panzer Division Marduk" the drums prove to be the cornerstone of this record's songs with blast beats of all kinds, triggers and double basses; often serving as the incarnation of a tank marching through a war field destroying everything in its path. On the other hand there are some tempo changes on the compositions which make the songs more interesting and wealthy in terms of complexity. The latter is a really beneficial idea as the songs finally appear to be really innovative despite not having tremendous length. What is also really ingenious here is the implementation of the truly awful solos which resemble a combination of a cat being choked and a squirrel being slaughtered! Such is their intensity and speed however that they do work on the music's favor. The whole release sounds like someone put the aesthetics of grindcore into a black metal band.

What has been mentioned above might give you the impression of a godlike release equal to the legendary "Blood Must Be Shed" by Zyklon-B. Sadly the case here differs as if you sum it all it really is a convenient worship and mixing of the, also previously mentioned, "Panzer Division Marduk" and Ad Hominem's "Climax of Hatred". There is little to no difference of this EP ti the above mentioned black metal albums; yes Infernal War did not hesitate to put that hilarious intro of machine guns firing at the battlefield and command yells. What is also really annoying is the down graded production which, although not so bad for an EP, struggles to give some credit to the borderline acceptable vocalist. Not to mention the completely unnecessary cover of Mayhem's 'Chainsaw Gutsfuck" that sounds as if Mayhem got to the studio and re-recorded the song in a faster tempo. All of these aspects drive the whole attempt many levels down as the "copy paste" logic here prevails against the slight innovation and songwriting.

Taking everything into account I can fairly say that this is an average, funny and nice EP. It should serve as a 3rd grade strong pint to wake you up after a hard night but nothing more. For the fans of the genre and the band this is just a small hand grenade when compared to the all out nuclear strike of "Terrorfront" and "Resedekration...".