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Extreme Brutality in Musical Form - 95%

blackenedeathrasher, December 17th, 2007

First off, let me say that I was very suprised when I found out that this band is from Japan because they are the only good band from Asia I have ever heard thus far. This CD is extreme modern brutal/slam death metal similar to bands like Disgorge or Devourment and if you like modern brutal/slam death metal like them then you will love Infernal Revulsion.

This band has only one goal that they want to achieve with their music: sheer fucking brutality. The the guitars are loud as fuck and the double bass drums are constantly hammering awayon this CD. The vocals consist of the generic slam death metal guttural growl and this guys voice sounds inhuman. It sounds like a monster from some low budget bloody and gorry horror movie. This CD musically and vocally sounds extremely ugly, disgusting, repulsing, and relentlessly heavy and brutal. Its not new or innovative or anything but who cares? I would love to show this CD to some Arch Enemy or Dark Tranquility fan and and laugh when they shit their pants and show them what real death metal sounds like.