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Has it's moments but gets dull - 75%

Catastrophic, February 6th, 2008

A few months ago I saw a flyer somewhere on the internet and I saw this band, Infernal Revulsion sharing the stage with Waking the Cadaver. The presence of Waking the Cadaver, also known as the scourge of many metal fans worldwide made me think that this band is some random deathcore band from the United States. It’s not like I hate Waking the Cadaver completely, it’s just annoying that they call themselves and their spawns the most brutal breed of metal. This band, Infernal Revulsion turned out to be a brutal death/slam band from Osaka, Japan. Does that make them any better? You have to judge it for yourself.

Enough with the damn introduction, let’s talk about the music. The first track, which is an instrumental, starts off with an ambient intro. The album is basically a bunch of “chugga chugga” riffs, bunch tremolos thrown at times, pig squeals everywhere but what makes this album different from their American counterpart in that they have more talent. There are actual “grind” parts and with good double kicks. The vocals even though are undecipherable (like duh, most death metal vocals are) suits the brutal music. The bass for most of the part is inaudible which kind of sad (and the reason why I don’t listen to Pig Destroyer much) because bass is very important in grindcore and death metal. There are no guitar solos here and that makes this band losing so much more marks.

While I enjoyed a few tracks, the whole “chugga chugga” thing becomes dull towards the end. I can’t really say I enjoy this album but I still I can’t say I hate this. There are some worthless voice samples before certain songs if this helps you judge this album better. Just give this a listen for the sake of killing the time. Quite okay but not the best.