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Schizo Death Metal!!! - 95%

Young_Metalhead, December 19th, 2007

Infernal Poetry is definetely the most original death metal band from Italy. Their debut (Not Light But Rather Visible Darkness) was a lot more death metal oriented, pretty good death metal, actually. This one takes death metal to a schizophrenic level. Guitars are strong, riffs are amazing, bass is powerful, drums are excellent, and lyrics, oh my fucking god, they're not about killing or dead, their about of human mind going insane as hell.

This album takes off with the first schizo song I've heard, and when the guitars start to do this strange noises, you feel like you want to lose your fucking mind! With every passing song things begin to make sense, they're fucking insane! They play extremely good death metal! And Paolo, Paolo is an insane god, coming from hell to speak to you, and convince you to kill your brother and rape your mother. Fuck I can't believe how is he doing the conversation with this two voices. That's defintely the best part of schizo death metal....

Now let's talk about, as this lyrics need to be put into a good song, or it all would be in vain. And it is not a disappointment at al!!! Hell you can headbang, as you'll probably do with another death metal band. But you'll headbang and suddenly stop, to let the madness begin... And it WILL! Music itself is good, I mean, amazing tunes, some solos (good ones!), riffs, you can also enjoy some bass parts that break the madness to begin the headbanging again. And yeah, they play some acosutic guitars parts that add not only feeling, but also peace to your mind just before you go totally crazy.

If you thought that just because lyrics aren't about death this band wouldn't make it, you're damn wrong. This band did make it, and hopefully their next album is going to blow our fucking minds (or at least make you go to a psychologist).

Best song: Insane Vein Invading Inner Spaces
Good songs: Blood Spilled For a Spell, Crawl, Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden Cover), The Frozen Claws Of Winter.
Bad songs: Guest what? There aren't any bad songs!!!