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Interesting Concept... Not Much More. - 75%

Fear_Shining_Yrael, May 1st, 2007

A Symphony of Suffering, Infernaeon's first album is... well, pretty interesting. I really think there is a much too large absence of Symphonic Death Metal bands, and I've gotta say that's pretty fucked up. Because ASoS is a pleasant surprise. Okay, at the time of writing this, M-A must have been down, because I'm not getting shit from their site, and all of this was written from their wiki on Okie dokie then, back to the music!

ASoS starts off with a relatively short track entitled Shades of Obscurity, which is just a quick little opener with some darkish orchestra playing a little melody with some marching pattern drum rolls. A pretty cool opener, especially the minimalistic, and really evil sounding guitar towards the end. Very atmospheric track that does it's job well.

Next, you've got Embodiment of Sin, a somewhat heavy intro that leads into some symphonic samples, and then levels back off with some simple guitar riffs that again seem to be used to create atmosphere more than anything else, and then it switches off again for some really heaving background riffs, and then AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN. Fast, heavy, slow, atmospheric, heavy, HEAVIER, slow, melodic, FAST, etc. All in all, a good track, I suppose. Showcases a lot of Brian Werner's vocal ranges, high & hoarse, high pitched screams, low & guttural, and low/gutturally hoarse (o.O). For some reason, it's really not quite as impressive at a... probably fiftieth listen now that I'm really absorbing it all.

Afterwards there's Sleeping God, my personal favorite. Werner holds a roar for like 39 fucking seconds at the end. Okay, to be blunt, Lord Worm's is more impressive, as that crazy shit's screaming, while Brian here is just holding off a roar... But in any case, it's really showing off some great breath control. The songs also very atmospheric, with some dark ambient symphonic samples thrown in with some heavy guitar riffs harmonizing with Werner's voice. BW goes low, Sam Molina & Co. go techy. BW goes high, SM & Co go CUH-RAZY! Crazy as in pulling off some pretty heavy riffs/ really fast playing, etc. (What's you'd expect from a DEATH METAL BAND)

The last three tracks, Oracle of Armageddon, March of Death, and A.I.D.S. (Annihilating The Inner Decay Of Species) are the end to a saga told within the whopping 31 minutes of ASoS. Much heavier than those preluding them, somewhat more guitar driven, blah blah blah.

Okay, in closing, Infernaeon's debut album, A Symphony of Suffering is an interesting concept album with some great vocals, above par guitar playing, and in all some decent song composition. I'd recommend checking them out, but really, it's nothing amazing. I did the best I could guys, sorry. To sum up the overall instruments, btw, somewhat varied drum patterns, not much blast beating going on, a good bit of double bass harmonized with a chugged, heavily distorted guitar riff. Interestingly placed symphonic samples throughout precise intervals, really good vocalist, etc. Worth a download, I suppose.