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Fairly underrated band - 83%

Korpsegrinder, October 11th, 2005

This band has made some quality grind before, but maybe their subgenre is the reason of not getting so much attention as Rotten Sound or Nasum. One reason could be Inferia's lyrical themes. As Rotten Sound concetrates to write about society and politics, Inferia concetrates on writing about more twisted stuff like excretions and porn. This adds some humor to their music, thus being not as difficult to understand as early Carcass. If you take anything to it's extreme, it just unintentionally becomes funny like Inferia's or Carcass' lyrics. I mean like the joke "What do you get if you stab a baby with a kitchen knife ? Answer: An erection of course !" - it's so twisted it becomes funny and it adds some additional taste to this kind of music.
Even if some sick people focus on listening to lyrics, the main focus goes to this effective and great Napalm Deathish death/grind, which is produced like it should be produced: without unnecessary triggering or compressing, this sounds natural but at the same enjoyably dirty. By Napalm Deathish, I mean that lots of riffs and drumming could belong to ND, even the singer sounds like Barney Greenway and backing vocals sound like Mitch Harris' shrieking. Just listen to track 10 and you know what I mean. The beginning sounds exactly like ND's Human Carbage from legendary album Scum and rest of it sounds like good old ND as it's best. Inferia may not be as unique as it should, but Inferia makes basic grind as it's best. not bad, but not unique either. In addition, this album lasts longer, which isn't self-evident for every grind band. I suggest to listen this band, although you may found it difficult to get a copy of this cd.