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Inferi, Behold The Revenant: Impressive Devotion - 99%

Riven Obyss, July 11th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, The Artisan Era

Inferi was completely unknown to I, but once a site that I regularly inspect for new metal releases gave notice to this release, the rest is history. Inferi have been around for a small amount of time compared to some artists in the genre, but it doesn't mean anything, not in this case. They've released a handful of albums since their creation, and I've heard good things about all previous releases, before Revenant.

Revenant starts off with a true intro track to get the listener to grow with the music; hence the audible and clear rain, thunder, lightning and synths. Then, after a short buildup the song really explodes into life. Immediately one can notice the precision of the guitars and pretty stellar (in my opinion) drums and vocal work. "Within The Dead Horizon" is a fantastic start to this monster of an album, because it never really slows down. The first song should be a clear indication of what this album is and will continue to be with every listen.

After our introduction, the rest of the tracklist hits just as hard, although for a first time metal infantile, this release you may need to avoid for the sake of calm pauses. It has little to offer there. They really wanted to get every piece of energy flowing and practically pouring over the head and skull of the audience. The guitars have this interesting tone and midway boost which I really enjoy, and they are seldom put down in the entire album's runtime. It's not just the guitars that get a chunky and delicious sound, it's also the bass, although the bass is far more underwhelming to the ears in sheer presence than the two axes blazing through the tracklist. The drums are almost exclusively a supporting vessel for the rest of the instruments and that is quite a delicious tactic. It helps give a boost to the instruments in a massive way, for if the drums were any less present, the music could have been weak in expressing it's power.

One thing to point out is that on a first listen, the easiest songs to consume and digest are "Within A Dead Horizon" and "Behold The Bearer of Light", which are also ironically the best songs on the entire album. That's not to say the rest is mindless noodling and wankery- far from it. It's just music so filled to the brim with layers and independent moving parts, it can sound chaotic and incomprehensible to the untrained ear. So, with that said, multiple listens are needed to truly grasp the levels of instrumentation in the overall production.

The vocals are again, done expertly in my humble opinion. They are not the highest pitch, nor are they considered in the low scale by any means. They exist at the middle point of a fry scream, although they do reach some interesting high fry range heaves from the vocalist. The low gutterals that show up less frequently are pleasant to the ears, being violent and angry. Again, not the lowest, but certainly admirable in the grand scheme. In fact, they sound as if another vocalist is semi-inconsistently partaking in this utter symphony of devastating music.

Is it overwhelming? Yes, it can be. Is it intense and angry? Yes, it certainly is. Revenant has become quite a replayed album on any device I have with a music player, including my old tired and weakly funny PS3. It is actually, so far, one of my favorite albums in the last three years. The year is only half done, however, so time will still tell if we get any new releases from the Polish giants Behemoth, or the American based deathgrind band Cattle Decapitation.

My favorite songs on the release:

- "Within The Dead Horizon"
- "A Beckoning Thrall"
- "Behold The Bearer of Light"
(All three are also the most straight forward tracks, yet the rest of the album is still quite fantastic.)