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North Eastern Radiance - 91%

TheStormIRide, July 26th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Bindrune Recordings (Digipak)

When most think of atmospheric black metal in the United States, the Cascadian scene is immediately mentioned. It’s really no surprise, considering the Cascadian scene has spawned acts like Wolves in the Throne Room, Weakling, Ash Borer and Agalloch. Despite the general regard the northwestern part of the United States receives in the atmospheric black metal community, the country’s northeastern reaches of New England have been steadily pumping out new blood in the genre. Hailing from Boston, Infera Bruo is one such band taking things in an interesting and exciting direction.

While the band’s base style is somewhere in the region of atmospheric and progressive black metal, the band’s widely varied approach brings an engaging listen. To get an idea of what the band sounds like, imagine a grand mash up of the flowing grandeur of atmospheric black metal, the fiery blasts of the second wave scene, the far reaching progressive touches of Isa and Ruun era Enslaved and a tiny spattering of breathy post-metal. Despite Infera Bruo’s sound being a grand amalgamation of sorts, In Conjuration, the band’s sophomore full length album, is a seamless testament to their creative songwriting craft. The band just refuses to stand still or get too comfortable during the forty-seven minute album.

Rangy, melodic trem riffing builds into primal, infectious power chords which turns into picked minor key patterns and back again. Sweeping atmospherics move towards second wave histrionics then into dissonant and jarring patterns, but it’s never linear. The drums fire away, switching from rollicking double kicks and blasts into a slow paced crawl at the drop of a dime. Frantic mid-range screams serve as vocals for the majority of the album, but there are a few clean, chanted sections woven throughout, for a touch of variety. Despite the constant motion, Infera Bruo’s music is seamless, steadfastly moving through the album in anything but a straight forward fashion.

In Conjuration shows the band as much stronger and more confident than their debut offering. Where many progressive and atmospheric black metal albums take their good old time to open up, Infera Bruo’s sophomore album is immediately enjoyable. Multiple listens will continue to unveil individual nuances, just like those growers, but there’s something about the songwriting here that is to be applauded. The free handed approach to their songwriting allows for an album that is varied yet refuses to be disjointed and remains engaging throughout. Atmospheric, progressive and unwavering, In Conjuration shows Infera Bruo as one of the strongest acts of the year.

Written for The Metal Observer.