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Very average but solid death/thrash - 71%

Noktorn, February 5th, 2009

Infector is a death metal band from Brazil, and as one would expect, they sound a great deal like Sepultura playing death metal. I'm not sure if sounding at least moderately like Sepultura is a legal requirement for metal bands in Brazil, but the amount of influence the country's best-known export next to coffee has exerted on the nation's metallic direction is undeniable. Infector is just one of many bands that has taken the Cavalera breed of songwriting into the death metal realm, and it wouldn't be very amiss at all to say that minus the growling and occasional blasting or amelodic tremolo riff, 'Insane Deliriums' could be a lost album from the 'Arise' era.

Most of the riffs are certainly very similar to earlier Sepultura material with a bit more tremolo and less galloping, though heavy elements of thrash are certainly present from time to time, particularly in the vocals which sound like, you guessed it, a more guttural version of Max Cavalera. A lot of the riffs sound like they could be taken from one of Sepultura's more brutal 'Arise'-era tracks such as 'Dead Embyronic Cells', and the band occasionally even dives into an incredibly stereotypical clean guitar passage ala 'Seasons In The Abyss'. It's death/thrash by the numbers, surely, but the execution is good enough and good enough frequently enough to put its nose ahead of the competition.

Many of the riffs are pretty memorable, and the rest of the members of the band back up the guitars effectively. The drum performance in particular is very solid and thrashy, while bass and vocals are relatively unobtrusive but add weight to the riffs. The music does occasionally suffer due to some rather clich├ęd songwriting decisions (the aforementioned clean passages, an overt reliance on riffs returning throughout the running time of songs), but overall the music is at worst inoffensive and and at best a pretty good listen.

Infector hardly sets the world aflame with this CD, but it's an effectively composed and well-executed piece of death/thrash that will likely please fans of the style. At times I wish that the band would extend themselves more and try some new things, but hopefully this will occur later in the band's career. When all is said and done, there's little wrong with this CD and it's recommended to any and all oldschool death/thrash fans out there who want something in the traditional style.