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Classic deathrash - 85%

Mailman__, November 20th, 2018

As death metal became more death metal and less thrash metal, bands like Incubus, Solstice, and Num Skull were popping up all over the world playing a fusion of death metal and thrash metal. Of these deathrash bands was Infected, a band from Switzerland whose discography consists of their 1989 debut album only (not including the compilation of various artists they participated in).

Right off the bat, Infected are destroying it with the groovy, riff-heavy “Media Control,” the definite highlight of the album. However, this is where I lose interest because after this song, everything else sounds less good. The riffs in the rest of the song are good, but they seem to just be following the main act.

When you’re attending a musical, what comes last? The grand finale. When you’re at a show with multiple opening acts, who comes onto the stage last? The headliner. When you listen to an album, what should you expect to hear on the last track? One of, if not the, best song on the entire album. It is the grand finale, it is the headliner. That is why I lose interest with this album so quickly. There’s nothing more to look forward to because the peak has already been reached with the first few tracks.

Again, this does not mean that the rest if the album isn’t good. In fact, I still enjoy the rest of the music. I just think they should have rethought the structure of the album. I mean, I enjoyed the bonus tracks more than the last two tracks on the actual full-length. That’s not a good sign.

Other than album structure, this album seems fine. The production isn’t good, which is a good thing considering it’s deathrash from 1989. The memorability of the music is actually better than one might think. The first track, which I mentioned before, and the title track both have very memorable moments. The solo in the middle of “Dark Century” is melodic and easy to remember because of its catchiness. The same thing goes for “Media Control,” except its catchiness is in its riffs. Also, I really like the bass intro to “Headless.” It’s actually fairly serene.

Putting all of the structural issues aside, the riffage is fast, mostly original, and heavy. I feel like the originality of this album cannot be measured, as it was one of the originals of deathrash. However, compared to regular thrash metal from the 1980s, this album is not far from it.

Overall Rating: 85%

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