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A Tale from South America - 68%

ponyovdoom, March 7th, 2013

Colombia is not the first country one connects to the metal community. I am pretty sure that I have not heard a band from Colombia until I got my hands on Indomite's “Theater of Time”. Indomite is a relatively new band that formed back in year 2009. In the year 2011 they released their first demo entitled “Espejo y Realidad” and the following year their single that also features on this album, “Awaking the Gods”. A few months later this album was released.

Indomite play power/progressive metal on the paper. It’s not a genre that I am too much into, but I’ve heard a bit in the vein of this genre. Freedom Call, for instance, and the folksy power of Elvenking and Blind Guardian that has some speed metal sounding to them as well, so it was a different assignment I had myself here.

Indomite combines power and progressive metal well. The album is full of fantastic instrumentation, a big pile of guitar solos, a good solid bass, fantastic synthesizers, and decent drums, but the album also has its bad parts. Lead singer Santiago Giraldo switches between high and lower notes, but I reckon that his vocals could be better. He screams occasionally as, for instance, in the song “Sky High”, where there is also an addition of harsh vocals. I do not have anything against such vocals, but I am not entirely sure how much it is necessary on this album. Perhaps to add to the progressive touch the band has? Santiago Giraldo also sings more silently at times on the album. In a song like “Awaking the Gods”, the bands single, that is as well a short song, Giraldo shows his vocals well in the chorus, but in the verses I reckon he’s not doing the greatest job.

The instrumental work on this album is as earlier mentioned - fantastic. You can already experience it in the first track on the album that starts off with some samples, atmospheric synths, and a deep bass bottom. It feels like being invited to the journey that is “Theater of Time”. The drums comes along slowly and then the guitars kicks in with some heavy riffing and then the fun comes: guitar sauce with plenty of guitar solos. No vocals are present on this track. This track also gives the listener the idea of the progressiveness of this album. I think the guitars probably have the greatest focus on this album while the synths are just behind them creating some epic tunes.

The bass is present here and there as ,for instance, in the previously mentioned introduction. The bass also gets some attention in the middle of the song “Awaking the Gods”. There is also a great bass line in the verse of “Rain”. Drummer Mauricio Quintero does well on the album with fills and he manages not to make it boring to the listener who may have an interest in the drum work. But as mentioned earlier, the guitars have the focus. There is a thing though that I strongly dislike about this album and that is heard in the song “Parasite (Symbiotic)”. It has a metalcore part. The riffing and harsh vocals group up in a part of the song and makes it sound a lot like metalcore. Luckily, it gets equalized by the guitar solos and synths, but the metalcore part is a failure in my book. The song “Carnival Curse” brings a lot of progressiveness and a great middle part with fantastic piano. Unfortunately, it gets a bit destroyed by badly produced “evil laughs” in the background. And they do not stop during that part. It is unnecessary.

The mood on the album is not so much happy, but rather reflecting. The lyrics also have a connection to that as well as the vocals at times. The song “Pharaoh”, for instance, is a bit about what the title says, like an emperor who oppresses his people. The mood in the song is gloomy. Another example is the song “Rain” which has a fantastic piano intro before the band kicks in. The lyrics do not have much of a positive vibe, but it’s rather about a man who is sad. The lyrics are not that special, but the musicianship equalizes it. The lyrics are a bit different compared to the general power metal universe that is about fantasy and adventures usually. This is more about tears and they are mentioned in a few songs.

The production on the album is good and it’s not some low budget debut album. It is all compressed well and all the instruments can be heard. It’s nice to hear the bass here and there when you are used to it not having a very large role usually in metal bands. The “evil laughs” I mentioned are produced badly, but I reckon it was the mixer's intention.

I will say that Indomite have managed to release a relatively strong debut album that is “Theater of Time” with great instrumentation. The vocals could probably be better and the combination with harsh vocals could have been spared. There is a decent variation on the album and not all the songs sound alike. Of course, the metalcore part is a bad thing in my book, but hopefully it’s just a little mistake that they will not do again in the future. But if you are into power-progressive metal with a more darker mood, this album could probably be tried out.