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Early doom building to a masterwork - 80%

VNVNV, March 7th, 2007

The debut album Noctambulism by Indesinence is a slow grinding, very dark and heavy album. “Noctambulism” means “walking by a person who is asleep”. This might give you a hint as to what to expect from this album. Don’t be expecting soft and dreamy music though!

All tracks are long slow grinding doom metal songs, with very fitting harsh vocals. Some songs like “Dusk Towering Forth” and “Lull” are heavily influenced by early albums of My Dying Bride or Saturnus, they have the same growling slow and deep vocals that fit the somber mood, although they are somewhat less melodic then My Dying Bride’s albums.

Some songs even go a step heavier on the vocal scale. “Inertia” and “Flooding (In Red))” are other typical heavy doom tracks that combine slow moments together with fast-paced Napalm Death resembling periods filled with great death metal vocals. I must admit this worked pretty well, and it also lifts the album up at times, which gives you a nice rollercoaster ride of feeling down and out, and then pissed off like hell about being down.

Overall as a debut this album is promising, I don’t think it is refined as some of the greatest doom metal albums ever produced, but give them some time. As a doomfan don't hesitate to check this out.