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Killer Demo! - 90%

sgman, May 22nd, 2010

Incubus are best known as one of the bands that Mike Browning played in back in the day. Unfortunately, they were overshadowed by other bands of the period (possibly by the other Incubuses in the America). Another bad thing about Incubus is that they only recorded three songs. You’ll want to hear more once the demo is over.

The music itself is very unique. It is a cross between death and thrash metal, but definitely has its own unique atmosphere. Most of the riffs are tremolo picked ones, but there are a few slow ones here and there. The guitar solos are one of the strong points of this demo, though. They are in the vein of Trey Azagthoth, and are played very competently. Mike Browning’s drumming is decent, mostly fast beats involving the cymbals. Sterling von Scarborough’s vocals are unique. They are hard for me to describe, kind of like a mix between shouting and growling. Oh, and the bass is audible (that should be a plus).

If you want to hear some unique death/thrash that kicks some major ass, look no further. Go find this demo now.