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Incremate - Prospect of Death

Incremate - Prospect Of Death - 94%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 17th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Godeater Records

What the world really needs is another Old School Death Metal album right? Ok while that might not necessarily be the case another slab of enthusiastically delivered and professionally played and produced OSDM cannot hurt. Incremate are a band hailing from Germany and while they might not be a household name like e.g. Revel in Flesh, Deserted Fear and some others from the “New Wave of German OSDM” they are easily on par with those when it comes to quality. Partially their lesser known status might be due to their label Godeater records having closed shop not long after the release of “Prospect Of Death”.

Compared to the bands mentioned above Incremate play a style closer to the US than to the Swedish school. The riffing is a bit tighter and the basis chords vary between the traditional stoic chops and a more thrashy and uplifting style. The interplay between the riffs and the lead parts are especially impressive. There are not too many really long and drawn-out solo sections. Instead these melodic interludes are cleverly used as bridges between various parts of one song and often act as transition from faster and more aggressive sections to calmer and groovier pieces.

On a level of musicianship, the instrumentation might not be particularly impressive at first but they have honed their skills to very specific purposes. Incremate understood that passive listeners are mainly interested in interesting and cohesive songs and not in different complex pieces of instrumentation just strung together. The songwriting is on point and the flow of the album is great with a perfect placement of the single tracks. There is not one moment of dullness or boredom and the whole record feels like a very stringent piece of music.

One of the big assets of Incremate can be found in the vocals by singer Roland. He has a tone similar to e.g. Martin Van Drunen and his delivery is top notch. Each word of the lyrics can be understood without a problem and in my books this is always a plus when it comes to DM. While he stays more or less in one range over the whole playing time there are moments where he is lending the music an additional layer of intensity.

The production is amazing being deeply rooted in the classic sound of the nineties. This raw and dirty feeling has been perfectly captured and woven into the otherwise very powerful and punchy mix. Each instrument is audible and there is not too much compression so that the overall sound has a natural and organic vibe.

“Prospect Of Death” is for sure one of the best OSDM albums I have had the pleasure to listen to within the past few months. While there is nothing innovative to be found here this is a band that has studied their idols and identified the elements that made them great. They took those pieces and created another stunning album that should not be missing in any serious collection.