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PBDZ4: Melancholy and cold - 70%

vrag_moj, January 5th, 2010

This is one of a few bands that were kind enough to send me a promo. Unsolicited promos can be a mixed blessing because they can truly suck. Somewhere out there, there are undividuals that aspire to some sort of underground ideal, but lack any hint of talent or sense of aesthetic to back their aspirations up. And so I get these promos that monumentally suck. There is nothing to do there but maintain a polite silence. There, not here, mind you, because Incorporea are sort of uncommon in being a surprisingly good out-of-the blue unsolicitation.

Hailing from Spain, this duet delivers a 3-track EP of tormented depressive Black Metal, with intense overbearing riffs and distant whispered vocals. This stuff does not remind me of the usual offenders – Xasthur, Shining or even Forgotten Woods. Rather, this is like a depressive Graveland if one could name a comparison. The production is pleasantly substantial with rich digital guitar tones and immediate, clear drums lurching along at mid pace through dark strummed riffs and narrated by dementedly reverbed vocals announcing malign verses. The band is quite melancholy in its overall outlook – there is a sad rocky tinge to a lot of the riffs, but it all flows so nice and smooth together, that I cannot turn away and continue to stare into the bleak vision Incorporea offer to me here.

The cover art features the two members in some ruins and ruins in general, overlooking a bleak mountain landscape. It is perfectly fitting to the sort of music you will find on this disk. Dark and stirring and compelled ever forward with relentless stubborn rhythm. It’s great to hear exotic Black Metal from a place that to me is equally exotic – Spain, seemingly a warm, sunny country, that is yet capable of producing something so melancholy and cold as Incorporea.

Favourite song here: “Cold Blades of Abandonment”.


Originally published in Procession of Black Doom zine #4