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Unoriginal, yet enjoyable - 61%

Mungo, January 19th, 2007

Incinerator's second release and first EP, 'Thrash Attack', isn't by any means a particularly bad release. It has solid riffs, nice drumming and is pretty fast. The problem is that there is little to no originality to be found.

Everything on here, from the riffs to vocals sound incredibly like Destruction and, as the previous reviewer noted, Exumer. While this would be an excellent thing on the basis alone, the problem lies in the riffs. While there is a nice solid thrash break in 'The Collapse', (although it only lasts for 10-15 seconds) nearly all of the riffs sound like ones that were rejected by the aforementioned bands for being too generic or unoriginal. The vocals are another negative point. The vocalist attempts to sound like Schmier, but lacks any power, and yells in a monotone for the whole album.

So what's good about the EP? Well, the riffs are still solid enough to headbang to, and the songs are quite catchy. The drumming is pretty good and the solos aren't too bad. But really, this is just a rehash of 80s thrash which doesn't offer anything new whatsoever. It's fun to put on every now and then when you feel like something mindless to listen to, but without a signature sound of they're own, Incinerator fail to really impress the listener. Thankfully they would improve with their Disciples of Sodom' demo.