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Fucking Thrash! - 80%

AnakwanarSek, January 17th, 2007

I love this EP. For those who aren't as familiar with thrash metal this is a great place to start, even if they are a newer band. The most important thing they bring to the table is energy! These songs crackle with speed and sick change ups that make you bang your head and pound your fist in the air. And isn't that what thrash is all about? Why yes! Yes it is!

There isn't anything original here at all. This is by the numbers thrash in the style of destruction and sodom with a bit of early megadeth thrown in for good measure. But it doesn't come off as stale or boring because of the speed and intensity. "Storm of the Thrashers" is by far my favorite song, blinding guitar speed, pummeling drums, and even a few over the top high pitched wails. The fact that the song itself is about thrashing out gives it a bit of a retro feel and it also makes it insanely fun.

"Tonight! we will have our vengeance on you! To die!"