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Cerebral Incineration - 99%

lisofm, September 1st, 2009

Well, after an ass load number of close listening to this damn album, Finally I've given myself the right to give this band the credit they deserve!

Incinerate is not your usual pig squealed, drum machined and cheap production shitty brutal death band. What we have here is excellent real drumming, powerful and original death metal vocals, technical guitars and superb bass.

Guitars on this album are excellent. Every riff is written with as much complexity as they could possibly pull off. Beside each riff, the total song construction is mind blowing complex you totally lose the track of a song in like first 20 listens! You never know what's next. They're playing necromantic frenzy tremolo now and the next second you find yourself in the middle of some chunky fat palm mute chords!
Anyway, with all these being said, each song is completely different from another. Each one has a different atmosphere while staying true brutal. you would totally distinguish them from one another.

Bass; I'm speechless on that! Is it Erlend Caspersen in there?! Damn! I almost love whatever he does! he's truly an amazing bass player. Just listen to track 6 "Harvest" between 0:48 and 0:52. Or track 2 "Emissary" 1:33 to 1:45. And that's not all. You have to listen close to the whole thing and you'd be surprised much more. The bass is fine audible and exactly what you will call it "Technical!" 10/10 surely.

Drums are another superb aspect of this album. although he's more likely to blast beat most of the time, this is not the only thing you here in there. He does alot of Toms and stuff. And his blast beats are damn strong, fit, metronomic and right in place. And about his twin pedals? This is what you call laser precise uranium fed robot! Just listen to track 6 "Harvest" 1:51 to 1:53-4. Those are eight 32th notes going right through your fuckin brain light speed!!!

Well, those 32th notes aren't just played on nowhere or somewhere between the album you wouldn't realize. They're played after a monster gives a little speech about how your finger and toe nails pulled from your flesh!!
Yeah, vocals are top notch heavy brutal stuff rarely to be found. He screams in some parts, yea he pig squeals a bit sometimes but believe me it won't get annoying. Pig squeals used only to spice the whole thing up and they're not overused. Rest of the time he's just singing pure fuckin brutal. The lyrical theme is just fitting with the whole thing. Truly wild gore stuff. Not recommended for everyone to read the lyrics! lol!

After all. Production is damn hefty, clean and good. One of the best productions I heard in all brutal death albums. Everything is audible and clear which makes listening to this album a much better experience than any other.
If you like tech brutal death, You'll love this one. Period.