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Goes a little heavy on the gimmicks. - 61%

hells_unicorn, December 5th, 2012

In America of late, there has been a fairly healthy number of bands in the thrash revival that are, for lack of a better phrase to describe it, going green. This basically involves resorting to lyrical content that is pretty heavy on the political, environmental and humor based side of the coin, and brings a bit more of a NYHC influence. Incapacitate, though being the 2nd thrash metal band I know of comprised entirely of Filipino Americans (Death Angel being the first), doesn't really sound much like their Bay Area older brothers. In fact, if taken solely based on their really formulaic and stripped down riff approach, this listens much closer to the sort of crossover approach that D.R.I brought in during the mid 80s and has since been picked up by Municipal Waste.

While the music on here is extremely formulaic and at times literally sounds like it could have been played by an act opening up for Cro-Mags, there is one little gimmick that kind of throws things for a loop, and that is the really nasty vocal approach of Jason Vizmanos. The completely incomprehensible barks and guttural noises coming out of this guy have more in common Pig Destroyer or maybe, at its deeper moments, The Berserker than anything approaching a traditional 80s thrash/crossover band. Suffice to say, the combination of 3-4 riff cookers that sound like knock-offs from "Deal With It!" and "The Age Of Quarrel" and a modern death/grind bark that almost sounds like pig squeals at times doesn't come off all that strong here, especially with the thin, tinny, demo-like production of the album.

This isn't to say that the album is a total flop by any means, as fast paced bruisers like "Holocaust" and "In Grind We Thrash" prove to be very effective musically and bring out a decent helping of Discharge and Nuclear Assault influences and down play the vocals to the point of being tolerable. It's a curious thing trying to merge a grind lead vocalist in with a group of gang-vocals, but it ultimately comes off as little more than having a plain cheese pizza with whole wheat crust. It's not something that happens often, but it doesn't really come off as consequential in spite of itself. There's probably an audience out there for this sort of an odd hybrid, but after listening to this thing several times over, I can pretty comfortably say that I'm not part of its core.

Originally submitted to ( on December 5th, 2012.