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Darker and Heavier than MTON - 99%

aportaltonowhere713, January 5th, 2005

Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse is the follow up that I was looking for after Onward To Golgotha! This is the rough mix of the cd Mortal Throne Of Nazarene. This one sounds better in my opinion.

The production on the Mortal Throne Of Nazarene sounded too clean and weak in my opinion. This rough mix version sounds a lot darker and heavier and it has the added weight/muscle that I was looking for. The drums seem to sound a little better, especially the double bass drums, and the china crashes seem a lot more defined on this release. Also the guitars seem to sound a little a better too, and as for the bass heavy unholy vokills, they absolutely still kill on this release!!

The songs that make up this album are the same as MTON, and they are all awesome! Demonic Incarnate starts off fast and heavy and then in the middle of this song it slows down to a classick Incantation jam session. Emaciated Holy Figure is where the china crashes really seem to come thru more clear on this release, but the weird ending that’s on MTON is barely audible on this version. Next up is the classic Iconoclasm Of Catholicism, which is one of my favorite Incantation songs, and this song is a classick example of the Incantation tempo changes. Essence Ablaze is another classick and seems to have become a live favorite. Nocturnal Dominium is a slower song that seems to have really defined the trademark Incantation doom sound. Blissful Blood Shower is a good intro to one of the best Incantation songs, The Ibex Moon! Abolishment Of Immaculate Serenity finishes this great album off, and this is another slower, doom song and it’s just awesome along with the rest of this cd!

This is highly recommended to any Incantation fan or Death Metal fan. This version can go up to 30 dollars on ebay but I have actually seen it for 10 dollars on so you might want to look for it on both websites! Hail Incantation!