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Incantation > Thieves of the Cloth > Reviews > Petrus_Steele
Incantation - Thieves of the Cloth

Only One Thief; the Other One Lost the Way - 50%

Petrus_Steele, January 3rd, 2021
Written based on this version: 2006, 7" vinyl, Ibex Moon Records (Limited edition, Colored vinyl)

Recorded in 2004, this single includes Exiling Righteousness (even though the song is available as a bonus song in certain Decimate Christendom releases), and the titular Thieves of the Cloth. These two are outtakes regardless, but I would prefer to just have the latter as a second bonus song. They did the same with the following record Primordial Domination, and only in 2010 they released a single comprising two outtakes from that record.

With my negative feelings towards Decimate Christendom, I’m not surprised in the slightest of how Exiling Righteousness sounds. It’s as long as Incantation would mainly like to record, above five minutes. You get some nice riffs and a guitar solo, some slow death growls, and the drums as usual. Then again, that’s something I’ve already heard. It’s nothing new. It’s still nothing they can beat. As for the main subject here, I can see why Thieves of the Cloth deserves its own release.

Being rawer than the record in which they recorded for (supposedly), it’s short and heavy. The raw production adds another edge to John’s death growls, with the drums and guitar making the song sound like it belongs on Onward to Golgotha. Simply everything on it sounds like what a form of return to roots could’ve been, in addition to John’s vocal debut. This song is what Decimate Christendom should’ve sounded like, decimating, and raw.