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Incantation > Thieves of the Cloth > Reviews > Edward K
Incantation - Thieves of the Cloth

A short incantation. - 100%

Edward K, November 7th, 2013

I'm surprised no one has written a review for this because although this is a really short recording, it's of a really high quality. The first offering just kicks you right in the ear with Incantation's well known brand of old school death metal, and doesn't stop until it's all over a measly 8 minutes later.

I think we all know what Incantation sounds like for the most part, but to be specific to the recording, I'll break it down. The vocals are low and evil sounding with the occasional higher growl, the guitars just never seem to stop putting forth catchy, fast and fuzz drenched riffs, and the drums are tight, aggressive and fast. The pace on the single is mostly fast, but as usual the band is not shy about slowing things down to create an otherworldly heavy sound.

The production on this album isn't of the best quality, which in my opinion makes it sound older and in better. That being said, everything falls into place perfectly because everything is mixed in very well. The vocals are right there in the center and don't become overpowering at any moment. I sometimes wish that a lot of death metal bands would release "albums" like this that are shorter and to the point and not an hour of straight death metal, because no matter how brutal it is, it gets tiring to get through it all sometimes. Not here though. Perfect.