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Incantation > Scapegoat > Reviews
Incantation - Scapegoat

Scapegoat in Sacrificial Sanctification - 55%

Petrus_Steele, January 4th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2010, 7" vinyl, Ibex Moon Records (Limited edition, Picture disc)

The two outtakes of Primordial Domination saw the light of day four years after said record. This is the second time they’ve released outtakes from the records they respectively recorded sessions on (or for). Not sure why that long holdup, but you could say these two are pretty neat songs missing from the entire record, despite their short lengths. Unfortunately, this is also the last release of Joey Lombard before he passed away, so you can consider this single as a farewell release of sort.

Scapegoat forcefully starts blasting, and it provides such brutality all the way through the end. John sounds even more brutal than he usually sounds. The fast guitar riffs show a bit of patterns and sound excellent. And the drums... it makes you question why this song in particular was missing from the record. Sacrificial Sanctification is a little traditional and wasn’t to my likes as much, but the vocal performance is fantastic; the transition from the deep growls to the screams.

Time and time again, it’s John who takes the cake. But with this release, I’m wondering if he was missing link in the beginning. What if he would’ve done the vocals since day one? I’m sure Incantation would’ve sounded better; perhaps different too, but these songs showcase this may be a sort of rebirth to the vocals for future releases. Now, it’s not the best release, but it does confirm a thing or two, as long as the band maintains it.

No Scapegoat Necessary - 79%

televiper11, November 26th, 2013
Written based on this version: 2010, 7" vinyl, Ibex Moon Records (Limited edition, Picture disc)

This limited edition 7" from Incantation features two left-over tracks from their previous full-length, Primordial Domination, though you wouldn't know they were left-overs from hearing them. Since starting Ibex Moon Records, John McIntee has graced us with several little releases like this and each one proves that the well of his songwriting ability seem inexhaustible.

"Sacrificial Sanctification" is slow, gloomy, and martial in its tempo once the drums kick full in. They build on this for a few minutes before abandoning it for twisted fast riffs and jerky blasting. Incantation loves to leave listeners in a lurch like this yet somehow it works. There's a heavy chugging breakdown midway through that I love and John McEntee belts out a few high screams to match his usual gutturals. The track ends rather abruptly and isn't as fully finished as the namesake track is.

"Scapegoat" is fuckin' killer: the riffs are dense coiled beasts and Kyle Severn's blasts are slightly off-time, giving the track a slightly shambolic feel, really off-kilter yet also supremely headbangable. There's a sick doom slowdown too and John's vocals go really low there to match the dying pang vibe. The tracks just kinda dies out like someone slowly drawing their last ragged breaths.

Sadly the production isn't so great on this: kinda boxy and a little too lo-fi. The guitars are really buried in the mix, which obscures how dope the riffs can be. Drums and vocals totally dominate. A few tweaks and this could've sounded really killer but it rules well enough for a quick-release single -- one worth tracking down if you're a crazy Incantation fan.