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Another album worthy of praise - 98%

ozzeh, April 25th, 2008

Immolation, Incantation, and Suffocation set the fucking standard for USDM release in and release out. You can always expect good things from these juggernaut brutal death metal masters, but some are more consistent than others (Suffocation get your shit together).

Incantation differentiate themselves because like Asphyx, Incantation rely on a heavy doom backbone to accentuate their bone-crushingly deep riffs. Technicality is not the point of Incantation's music although as with all great death metal masters, technicality is always present.

Vocally speaking it is Incantation. That means bowel-shatteringly low guttural declarations of blasphemous venom on a 24/7 basis. The riffs are simplistically hypnotic. The drumming is of the double-bass variety that stimulates the mind as opposed to dulling the senses.

Tempos vary greatly with the songs and they play doom rhythms at a very high speed at the most opportune times. This is traditional metal-laced with excellent classic, speed, and doom metal influences throughout every devastating song.

The production is fucking professional and the result is brutal in a non-stereotypical way. This is death metal for those who eat, sleep, and shit the stuff. Wholly rewarding, Incantation always seem to impress one with their labyrinthine guitar leads and sadistically demented vocals and lyrics. The sheer originality does not hurt at all either.

By far the best album I've heard in months.