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One of the Essential Death Metal Albums - 100%

Dead By Dawn 15, January 24th, 2012

This album is a death metal masterpiece. Every single track is some of the best material that any death metal band can offer, starting with the frenzied opener Golgotha and ending with the equally heavy (and especially frenzied) Eternal Torture.

The guitar work by John McEntee is incredible and is one of the best guitarists in all of death metal in my opinion. The bass and drums do their jobs by filling in the gloomy sound of the album during the doom sections, but during the death sections they turn into full blown weapons of mass destruction against your ears. Most importantly, the big highlight of the album is, in my opinion, the vocals. Craig Pillard is the epitome of a death metal vocalist. The man is guttural and at times sounds absolutely inhuman. His vocals are the perfect match for the instruments and the music that is portrayed.

All in all, I give Incantation's Onward to Golgotha a 100% because it is a perfect album and deserves a perfect score. It has everything a death metal album needs, so hopefully my review helped you understand the perfection in musicianship that this album displays. In all honesty, this album is tied with Immolation's Here In After as my favorite death metal album ever released.