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Way too monotonic - 75%

Black_Metal_Bastard, November 18th, 2003

This is the debut album by Incantation. It is packed full of aggressive riffs, pounding drums and vocals that sound even lower than Mortician(seriously), but in all reality, this is not outstanding, nor is it even great. This album is average.

This is very brutal. It just crushes your skull in, but at the same time, the brutality comes through as being just a wall of noise. The guitars are almost non existent because of the drums being mixed way too high, and when you can hear the guitars, they aren't really doing anything great, kinda boring actually. Sluggy riffs that all sound the same. Seriously, I thought that every song was the same. Each song has the same elements, played exactly the same.

I have been bashing this album too much already, so I will mention the good things, and there ARE good things about it. The vocals are great. I'm a sucker for the low guttural growl, and this album sure as hell has guttural vox. Craig Pillard sounds like an even lower Will Rahmer. He pukes and belches his vocals out and makes it sound really vile in the process. They should have stuck with him doing vocals. The bass is audible at times, and it seems to be doing some interesting things. The musicians are talented, but are just not writing too good of songs. Songwriting is something that this release seriously lacks IMO.

Bottom line is, if you like your DM this way, then you will want to have this. I like most kinds of Death metal, and don't get me wrong, I do like this, but it's just not as good as say, Diabolical Conquest. That album is GODLY.