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Incantation's best? Quite possibly. - 87%

chaossphere, December 9th, 2003

In my view, Diabolical Conquest stands tall above the bulk of Incantation's subtantial output. There are two very specific reasons for this: the first is the participation of The Chasm mastermind Daniel Corchado, who lends his gravel-laden vocals and excellent basswork, as well as some additional guitar parts and co-writing on a few songs. The second is the existence of the massive, crushing, awe-inspiring 17-minute epic "Unto Infinite Twilight/Majesty Of Infernal Damnation" - a true masterpiece of epic death fucking metal which remains a part of their set to this day. Boasting a much clearer, beefier production than any Incantation album before or since, Diabolical Conquest quite simply crushes all in it's path.

Aside from the enormous aforementioned closing track, there are no real standouts on this album - not that this is a problem, mind you. Incantation has never been particularly concerned with writing catchy tunes which stick in your mind for days on end. Rather, they simply focus on creating solid, no-nonsense death metal, alternating wildly between blasting chaos and leaden, monotone sludge, with plenty of squealing pinch-harmonics thrown in for good measure. That said, "Impending Diabolical Conquest" and "Ethereal Misery" are two songs which stand out a bit - the former being a bludgeoning freight-train of a song which rolls over you with maximum force, and the former starts out in a tremolo frenzy before morphing into a demented stop-start section, slowing things down to a squashing crawl - then back to tremolo madness and blasting to close things out. Otherwise, the last song is the true killer here. Every second of this epic monstrosity is designed to pulverize your eardrums, and succeeds quite aptly at it's task.

Overall, if you were only to own one Incantation disc, this is definitely the one to go for. Their latest offering, Blasphemy, is nearly as good, but doesn't quite reach the stunning heights of brutal insanity they reached with Diabolical Conquest.