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Just When I Thought They'd Peaked... - 90%

brocashelm, April 27th, 2006

Boasting some new blood on the altar, John McEntee’s conglomeration of death metal blasphemers marches onward, ever onward. I mentioned earlier in my review of Upon The Throne Of Apocalypse that after album's release, the entire membership sans McEntee jumped ship. I don’t know why and I don’t care, only that it slowed the band’s progress a touch. But after a stop gap release with 1996’s Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish (some new cuts, some old, some covers) Diabolical Conquest found recently added Kyle Severn to the drum seat, and a guest bassist/vocalist in Daniel Corchado, who for all intents and purposes is Mexico’s first man of death metal, having worked with Cenotaph and eventually forming the formidable Chasm. And here he works out just perfectly, added his satanic sermon voice to the Incantation experience.

“Impending Diabolical Conquest” sets the stage for all that is to come, which includes two very unexpected twists in the band’s book of lies. First a semi-melodic, brief instrumental passage titled “Unheavenly Skies,” which is remarkably memorable upon first hearing, and secondly a 17-minute (yes, you heard right) doom-death monster entitled “Unto Infinite Twilight/Majesty Of Infernal Damnation.” As may be expected, this number goes through a number of movements in it’s life span, from super slow, yet oddly melodic (by Incantation’s concept of melodic) opening, into a trudging riff erection, followed by a healthy blasting section, and finally an almost ethereal fade out that lasts for some time. The album’s remainder is prime cut death metal, perhaps “Ethereal Misery” being the finest moment of straight ahead material, and I must stress that once again the sound is in the beautifully disgust filled aural assault we all love this band for possessing.

The band's finest hour? Could be. They haven't topped it yet, and only time will tell if it's in their demonic will to do so.