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Pfffffffffft. - 0%

TheEndIsNigh, October 17th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Independent

I am thoroughly convinced that In Snakes I Bathe is a troll on us. The one picture I've seen who maybe is this guy doesn't show his face, and I like to think that's not even him. What if this whole project was just a troll by some non-metal musician. Buffy the Poser Slayer is another egg-on-the-face, another grimy blast-y bit of jokegrind that just supports my case. Guy can't even make interesting grind; this feels like a teenager's imitation of slam or grind or some fusion of those and others. Like they just learned what those genres are, and with some friends, made this as a gag. Its tinny, uninteresting, and lame. Grindcore doesn't have to be defended or anything, it's an inherently ridiculous genre. But this is pathetic. Worst part about bad comedy is that its boring. Case in point.