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Perfect. - 100%

cellistovmetal, August 26th, 2012

I’m not sure why this album has gotten such low ratings on this site, because this was hands-down the most spectacular symphonic black metal album of 2010. While lacking the harsh vocals characteristic of the genre, “Through Fragments of Christianity” is most certainly a work of symphonic black metal, utilizing keys, tremolo-picked guitars, and blastbeat drumming. Finland’s In Silentio Noctis combines the epic orchestrations and bombast of Emperor and Dimmu Borgir with the clean vocals of NightWish to produce an unparalleled work of music.

After an ominous intro track, “Libre Satanas” hits the eardrums hard, with fast drum fills (done by Janne Pyörre) and thrash-influenced guitars. The album’s production is crystal clear, and the drums definitely sound triggered, but neither one of these factors diminishes one’s enjoyment of the music; rather, it allows one to hear every subtle note of the keys, laid over beautiful vocals and precise guitars. The key section incorporates mostly strings, but also the celesta (sparingly), as well as the piano - listen to “Portrait of a Devil” and “Signum Crucis” for the best examples of such playing.

The guitars rarely take the music’s spotlight, yet provide a brutal and solid foundation for the music to unfold, utilizing creative lengthy chord progressions that provide for unique and varied melodies - no piece sounds like filler at all. The intro to “From Beyond” and the first lead guitar fill in “Sinner’s Lament” demonstrate well the technical abilities of Toni Taskinen and Elias Vihma, while “Divinity” provides an example of more melodic riffing.

The vocals are performed by Armi Päivinen, possibly the best vocalist of her genre, often compared to the likes of Tarja Turunen and Anette Olzon of Nightwish. However, Armi’s voice carries more smoothly than either of the latter two, sounding smooth, but not amateurish - unsurprising, considering how she has said in interviews that she is classically trained. The lyrics she writes center mostly around darkness, anti-religion, despair, and death - common topics in black metal, yet explored in this album with poetic originality. “Funereal Verses” and “Advocatus Diaboli,” in particular, showcase both her writing and vocal skills excellently.

“Through Fragments of Christianity” is an amazing album, with 12 well-written songs that one can listen to again and again. I would recommend this album to any fan of symphonic black metal or metal in general.