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In Silentio Noctis - Through fragments of... - 50%

Phuling, June 14th, 2011

When promised symphonic black metal I expect some half-arsed Dimmu Borgir copy with just way too much keyboard, more than anyone seriously into black metal could possibly stand, it’s more for the adolescent youngsters just discovering how ‘evil’ one can be when fronting a shirt of said band. So I was definitely surprised in more than one way by In Silentio Noctis.

The first surprise was that this surely isn’t black metal. Despite the fact that they might musically have similarities to the genre, the overall approach to riffing and drumming is much more modern gothic metal, and far from any kind of aggressive black. It’s really too damn bad, ‘cause if the music truly was black metal the concept of the band would’ve been something new, and not another goth band trying to add aggressive aspects to their music. The tempo’s fast, the drumming’s tight and blasting, but the riffing’s not very exciting. Riff-wise it’s just one melodic guitar-line after another, growing boring after a few songs. The keyboard is also an omnipresent force, making the symphonic aspect of their sound just too damn in-your-face, and too damn melodic to retain any kind of brutality whatsoever. Now, what would’ve made this cool had it been black metal music are the vocals, which are solely delivered by a serene female voice.

I know what you’re thinking, that it sounds just like any other goth metal band trying to ride the success wave created by Nightwish. Well, in many ways it does sound like that, just faster and a tad more ‘aggressive’. I’m not really comfortable calling this aggressive, since it really lacks said feeling. But in comparison, sure… And that’s why I said it’d been cool had it been black metal and not black-inspired goth metal. It’s really a beautiful, haunting voice, strong when it needs to be, serene and mellow when it needs to be. And for a couple of songs it’s not that bad, I enjoy her incredible voice and tend to focus on that rather than the music behind it. But after a while I grow weary of the music, and the super-fast closer Signum crucis doesn’t do much to ease the weariness; too little, too late.

In Silentio Noctis has since disbanded, leaving this their only album. I really and truly hope Armi Päivinen will find new musicians to team up with, musicians who master their instruments and aren’t afraid of taking the concept of this now defunct band to new heights. With the right musicians backing her up, the right music laying the foundation, she could really be part of something incredible, ‘cause her voice is strong enough.

Originally written for My Last Chapter