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Spell of the Seeker - 70%

Witch_Killer, May 5th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, Cassette, Independent (Limited edition)

This band is formed by three guys who have a rather common background playing in grindcore, crust and thrash metal bands and together they recorded this solid 4 track demo, playing what one might call 'old school death metal' and they do it rather consistently.

The stuff you will get here is nothing new and might even be one of those bands catching the trend of death metal bands (mostly influenced by the Swedish scene) with occult themes. The music is very similar to what Carnage and Autopsy did in their early years, mid- tempo death metal with your occasional fast tremolo-oriented riff section, and that is not entirely bad since both of those bands are great.

The compositions are pretty solid and every instrument is well mixed except for the drums, which I think are too high sometimes, yet the odd thing is that this adds something special to the crude atmosphere of the demo, but still makes me feel uncomfortable at times. Maybe some people will enjoy the mix more than others.

The best thing here is the vocals, which have this strong growling side to them without being over the top pig squeals. They are not trying to be inventive and do stick with the formula presented by the forefathers of the genre, so in the end there is very little room left to screw up in this department. My only complaint would be the lyrics as I feel the are pretty cliché.

I definitely recommend this for someone who loves everything that Swedish bands put out in the early nineties and are hungering for more bands that worship this style of death metal.