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Something This Good Only Comes Once in a Decade - 100%

serial_killer_miller, May 21st, 2008

In a world where it is impossible to do anything original in the metal genre with thousands of bands sounding too much like other bands a debuting band definitely has a rough time establishing themselves. With "Shrouded Divine" Sweden's In Mourning have done just that.

From the opening track "Shrouded Divine" it is plain to see that this band has to be one of the most promising bands that have come along in quite some time. Combining catchy riffs with a great mix of death metal and clean vocals you are treated to one of those rare gems that comes along well, once in a decade.

What more can I say about these guys? Other than they combine doom metal and death metal as if they have been doing that genre since the early 1990s. Listen to tracks such as "Amnesia" and my personal favourite "The Black Lodge" which has one of the catchiest riffs in the history of music . It may sound like I am overstating that but trust me when you hear it you will agree 100 % with what I've said. The best way to describe it is a riff you would use if you were struggling to overcome something such as a loss in a boxing or mixed martial arts fight and reaching your ultimate return to glory.

Surely, an album like this is one that cannot be passed over if you are a fan of true metal. By that I mean, people who enjoy all genres should surely listen to this album and be blown away by how incredible it truly is.