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Genius piece of art - 90%

Misanthrope02, February 10th, 2009

This is a debut album!? What the fuck? It is probably the first time I have ever heard a debut album that sounded this great. The production even surprised me because of how good it was. It is hard to describe what genre this album is. I guess you can sort of say progressive/death metal but it is a mixture of so many things so I can't just call them progressive/death. This may take a while to really get into, but once you get into it you'll realize the beauty of this piece of art. At first, there is a slight chance you may think that 'Shrouded Divine' sounds too similar to Opeth albums but then again, once you listen to it very carefully you'll notice that it is something totally original even though the Opeth influences are obvious enough at times. There are plenty of Opeth clones out there, surely these guys are just another one, right? Wrong. Sure, the vocalist sounds a hell of a lot like Akerfeldt, and sure, there is a huge progressive rock influence in their otherwise melodic death metal sound, but these guys are another breed of the progressive death metal style that you might be used to.

This is like nothing you have ever heard before. It is extremely unique and appreciated by most if not all progressive/death metal fans. It is nice to see that there are still some artists out there who don’t want to follow the accepted formula. The drumming is good, if unspectacular, and the bass is loud enough in the mix but to be honest, it could have sounded a bit better. The guitar work on this album is literally perfect. There isn't even one bad or boring riff throughout the entire masterpiece. I should also mention that this album never gets boring or repetitive. They have too many great ideas; it is sometimes hard to believe. At first you might think they don't even know what they're doing because like I said earlier, it does take time to get into this album for most people so you have to be patient.

The only cons of this album are the clean vocals for one, are rarely used but sounded great when they were used on a couple of tracks and the bass could have sounded a bit better, not that it doesn't sound good at all. Everything else is just mind blowing. What makes me highly respect the band is that this is their debut album and it is actually almost flawless. That is not something you would find on most debut albums.

I highly recommend this to all death/doom/progressive fans. Don't judge it from the first listen. This album requires some patience in order to see its inner beauty.
'In Mourning' are too damn underrated and I truly think they deserve more support for this brilliant masterpiece. Folks, this isn't the "everyday" album you hear, if you know what I mean. So for anybody who reads this review, please give this a shot and support the band as much as possible if you enjoy their music.