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This is My Confession, I Thoroughly Enjoyed This. - 95%

IndividualThought, August 22nd, 2012

Sometimes you just know when you're holding a masterpiece...

Shrouded Divine is the debut album of progressive melodic death metal fiends, "In Mourning." The album offers a multitude of different experiences down to the very last cymbal-clash and note. This album is melodic, beautiful, dark and powerful; melancholic, brutal, and in extreme cases even worthy of a sing along or two, which is not a bad thing at all, mind you. Combining all of those elements in to such a work takes real talent, and these 5 dudes are nothing short of maestros.

Firstly, the guitars. The guitars on this album are truly the main show and they do a good job of commanding that you listen to them, with the awesome chugging and insanely quick technical parts, tremolo, and even the melodic parts that no one soul can ignore. Acoustic guitars also show, which in fact, happens to be my favorite thing about this album. These guys do not need blistering riffs and highly technical solos to show you their blatant beating of a record, they can do it with a pick and a wooden guitar, tuned perfectly. Other than that, the solos seem to be perfected on this album, and it's only a debut! They show real emotion and aren't your run-of-the-mill technical wankery. Having three guitarists is really working for "In Mourning."

Secondly, the vocals here, both clean and harsh are awe-worthy and powerful, respectively. Tobias Netzell really shines amongst the sea of monotone growlers that plague the scene. His cleans, on the other hand, are, in their own right, entirely amazing and should be praised. The drums do their job and keep a steady beat, thanks to Christian Netzell; he can get technical, and he can immediately switch to a simple beat as he wills it and that takes real talent. The bass is somewhat audible throughout the album, but that doesn't really detract from the albums awesomeness (give or take 5%).

For a debut, this absolutely stunning and deserves all the praise it has been garnering, from the brutality of tracks like "Grind Denial," and "Amnesia," to somber melodies like the acoustic bridge of "By Others Considered." I'm expecting many more years of great albums from these guys!