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Average - 75%

Wirecutter, April 21st, 2004

The album kicks off with Bullet Ride, which opens with a nice riff that gets pulled out and replaced with Anders singing over... from the production my best guess is just bass and drums. And the song is ruined. Is it just me, or does every singer suck live? Not that Anders was all that good in the studio...

Embody the Invisible is just about the same song as in the Colony album. Nothing special, bad production and vocals.

Jotun kicks just about enough ass to make up for the problems on this album. Anders' singing hits just about an all-time low here, but the rest of the band does quite well.

Food For the Gods has about the best vocals on this album. All in all, it's an average song.

Moonshield is an excellent song, but the performance here does not do it justice. The acoustic intro that makes it so powerful is skipped entirely, the aforementioned production screws up the rest of the music, and Anders truly rapes a classic.

Clayman is just a shitty song. At one point Anders sounds like he's whining.

Swim is just another song from Clayman. Not nearly as horrible as the crap they've been doing lately, but I always skip it.

"We're going to take you, all of you, Behind Space! So long!" CHEESE. The band performs well here, but Anders rapes another classic. At one point Anders sounds like he's got a rabid gerbil in his ass.

Only For the Weak was about the best song on Clayman, and is performed fairly well here, but asking the audience to "jump! jump! jump! jump!" was another unnecessary dose of cheese. Also, the catchy background vocals are skipped entirely.

"Gee-eye-ro-scope" is pretty good, but the album version ruins its shit. Get "Black-Ash Inheritance" if you want to hear this song done correctly.

Just say no to Scorn. Apparently it can get worse than the album version.

Ordinary Story was much like the album version, just like every other song here from Colony. The usual production and vocal complaints apply.

I skip Pinball Map every time. The only interesting thing about it is that in the negative time before the track it sounds like he calls it "Pimple Map."

For comments on Colony, see Embody the Invisible and Ordinary Story.

Episode 666 was actually pretty good. Call me lame, but I got a kick out of the sing-along bits. Not spectacular, and not as good as Jotun, but pretty good.