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In Flames live = shitty production - 80%

PowerMetalGuardian, February 17th, 2003

Of course, what metal band does not have a live album from Japan? Honestly, whats so great about Japan. Anyways, this album has its good moments and it has its bad moments. If your not really into In Flames, such as myself, this album is good to get, because they have most of their classic hits from the albums Clayman, Whoracle, Colony, and The Jester Race. Most metal bands, or any bands for that matter, decide to come out with a live album. I have one question for these guys: Did they have a producer for this album or did they produce it on their own mics and stuff? The guitars are really good. Nice riffs and definetly nice harmonizing (check out Moonshield). The vocals are pretty good too, but sometimes it is hard to hear them. Did they mic the drums? It is hard to hear all the other instruments. The guitars basical drain out all the other instruments. The only song I think they don't drain out is on Only For The Weak, which is a pretty kick ass song. On this song you can even hear the keyboards. The guitars drain out the vocals for most of the time! Man, this is a worse nightmare for bands with live albums. But besides the crappy production this album isn't all that bad! Great songs if you have the patience to listen deep past the guitars and to all the other stuff!