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What the hell happened... - 40%

MS4332, March 22nd, 2004

I heard about this live album after I finally got a chance to see In Flames live back when they toured with Iced Earth and Jag Panzer. I thought they put on a pretty good show when I saw them so I didn't hesitate to pick this album up. Big mistake. The producton is absolutely atrocious. The guitars drown out everything. To make things worse nearly every song has this fuzzy muffled sound to it. In short, some of the bootlegs that float around online sound much better than this official live album.

I'm not going to go through track by track because I'll just end up repeating the same comments over and over like overpowering fuzzy guitars and such. However I make a few notes about certain tracks on the album.

01 Bullet Ride- I don't know what Anders was doing with the opening vocals but he certainly managed to fuck them up pretty bad. The screaming was fairly decent though

06 Clayman -What the hell was with the mallcore screaming around 2:30 that was not in the original song?

08- Behind Space rocks as usual. I just can't mention negative stuff now can I?

12 Ordinary Story- Talk about a train wreck. The opening clean vocals are absolutely awful and borderline in comprehensible. "here success is written in blood-red colours" sounds more like "abrab writ crawlaers" Around 3:15 or so Anders briefly turns to his new found mallcore screaming.

13 Pinball Map- This song just doesn't sound very good live at all.

The production just kills this one. Anders also just isn't much a frontman on this album. He lacks energy as he poorly attempts to stir up the crowd. The concert feels like it was a half assed performance from In Flames and the production certainly feels half assed therefore it shall get a half assed score.

Overall 40%