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Good, but not that great - 75%

Himmelfarht, June 18th, 2004

As soon as I saw that In Flames released a live album, I decided it’d be worth it since mostly all of their material is good to me. For the most part, I was right and wrong at the same time. The only problem I have on this album is the horrible production. The vocals sound horrible (for most of the time) and it has like a stereo sound being constantly played. Anders did a good job on some of the songs, but most of them he screwed up big time. I’ll review some of the songs that I found quite good… and bad on the album below

2) Embody the Invisible – This would probably be my third favourite song on the album. The guitar work sounds awesome just like the studio version, but Anders’ vocals are not that good on this one. At first the song sounded like “Bullet Ride” to me at first, but then I realised that it was a pretty good song. 8/10

3) Jotun – They totally screwed this one up. Jesper and Bjorn ended up repeating the pre-chorus part after the chorus. At one point it seemed that Anders had completely forgotten the lyrics for the song. Sounded more like mumbling to me during this one. Horrible quality 4/10

5) Moonshield – Pretty good for a live track, Anders’ vocals were fine on this song. The only problem I had was that he could have had more of the death metal tone from the studio version of the song. Another thing I noticed that there was no acoustic part at the beginning, which was a shame. But most of all, the crowd sounded completely dead right after the song. 9/10

9) Only for the Weak – What the hell? The guitar work on this song sounds nothing like the album version. Horrible quality for the most part, Anders sounds like he wasn’t even trying his best on this song. The screaming was horrible, as well as the drums. You can barely even hear them (same goes for the whole album as well). Seems like Jesper and Bjorn decided to use effects for the intro and chorus, which totally screwed up the song. 3/10

11) Scorn – For some reason I cannot stand this song, so I just skipped it every time I would listen to the CD.

15) Episode 666 – Good way to finish off the CD. This would probably be the best song on the album, to me that is. Nobody in the band did anything to screw up this classic, thank god for that. Once again, the production quality wasn’t that bad and it had a sort of stereo sound to it.

Overall, the album is good. Don’t try to compare it to Lunar Strain or Whoracle, it’d get crushed easily. The Tokyo Showdown doesn’t match up that good against other live albums, which is a damn shame. Production quality could have been better and as well as the set list. 75%