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In Flames Catches On Fire - 90%

Erin_Fox, October 29th, 2006

With an astounding second release, In Flames really begins to blaze their own trail in the world of metal. On “Subterranean”, you will hear some of the best melodies in modern death metal.

At this point, the new Swedish sound was finally coming into its own, with In Flames leading the way, carrying the torch as bearers of some of the most exciting sounds in the underground.

From the classically inspired runs of “Stand Ablaze” to the crushing weightiness and soaring harmonies of the deeply engaging title track, “Subterranean” defied all expectations, setting a new standard for creativity in extreme music. Equipped with folksy metal harmony, “Biosphere” is an extremely tuneful track that is arranged for the deliverance of maximum force.

During this period in the group’s career, fans had already began to catch onto their immense talent, not to mention the fact that the group had one of the most original sounds to be found, an intense combination of furious black metal blasts, distinctly melodic guitar harmonies and song structures which rivaled some of the most acclaimed acts in all of heavy metal.

This premium re-issue contains the group’s interpretation of Metallica’s “Eye Of The Beholder” and Iron Maiden’s classic “Murders In The Rue Morgue”. While the Metallica cover comes off great instrumentally, the vocals are a bit off-key. This fact makes this track an attractive novelty, but nothing close to essential listening. The Maiden track however, is an excellent foray and does much to show where the group’s influences originally stem from.

If you buy this record for no other reason, you should pick it up for this track alone. Taken as a whole, ‘Subterranean” was a definite progression for a group that would soon be dominating metal stages around the world.