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I have no problem liking this. - 85%

megafury, July 17th, 2003

I don't hear anything wrong in this album. Sure, there are less solos and a couple "nu-metal" riffs, but I don't see this as selling out. Every band that's been around for atleast ten years in existance is doomed to make an album that will dissapoint a fan. Bands lose fans either because of medicore albums that sound the same or if they try something new in their sound.

In this case, In Flames tried something new. I see that as a good thing because I'm already sick of seeing all these lame generic gotheburg metal bands that have been coming out latley, so many unoriginal In Flames and At The Gates clones, it makes me glad In Flames didn't get lost in the herd of their own followers. They managed to evolve their sound (I know some metalheads will laugh that statement here), but it's true, they don' have that primative gothenburg thrash sound and all the songs can be enjoyed by adults. Lets face it, majority of grown people won't want to listen to dark music. Older people want a more mature melodic sound and In Flames matured their songcraft.

In Flames managed to make a refreshing album. The keyboards, although not complex, is a nice ingredient In Flames used in their latest recipe. There's also more singing than growls. I wasn't impressed by the singing but it works in their new sound, complimenting the not really heavy music.

Transparent is a song that has the nu-metal riffs, but it still manages to come up with a catchy hook, I don't think a nu-metal band could even pull that off. There's also a solo towards the end of the song, so solos are not extinct on the album, just used spairingly.

The best song In Flames ever did here is Egonomic. The chorus is just so catchy, it's one those epic type songs. Egonomic is the greatest achivement on the whole CD. I don't care what anyone says, I find the song perfect from begining to end and I find it much more better than some of their older songs before Whoracle.

I'll admit, the slower songs that are focused more on regular singing are too bland. It's like the singer is talking in his sleep. That's the only real drawback here. The songs Egonomic and Transparent make up for the negative aspects of the album so all is not lost at all.

After hearing this album, I'm really looking forward to hear what In Flames has up next. Yeah, they're getting popular, so what? I know underground bands that suck worse and I doubt In Flames changing so drastically to sell records that you'd find them number one on the American Billboards.