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Makes a swell drink coaster. - 42%

burningsynthetic, March 5th, 2007

In all fairness and as a preface, I will say that I am a rather large In Flames fan. Of course by this I mean all the previous albums leading up to this one had their fair time in my disk changer.

With that said, I think you'll understand that I am basing this album reveiw solely on the band's progression and experimentation, not on how good this album is compared to Clayman or even Whoracle.

The album starts off blandly with a small electronica synth intro then jumps forward into a nice riff and then everybody else begins to play. This song of course is the title track "Reroute to Remain". The production on this song and even the whole album is far too polished for my liking. Everything sounds so clean and pristene as opposed to the almost vicious pipeline of guitars I was used to when I would see their old stage shows. The drums have this odd way of sounding so far from what they are, such as the weird clicking sound their kick drum seems to have adopted. But aside from the production the way the songs are arranged is very cut and dry; verse / chorus / verse / breakdown / chorus. Well I think you get the point. The songs really are far too confined from what I was so used to before with the structure, it just gets far too narrow in scope and makes the songs seem a bit forced and not pre-meditated.

Standout tracks are far and few between, but why I gave this album a high score rests solely on the 4 tracks I felt were the best out of the album. Obviously "Trigger" comes to mind yet I felt it was a poor choice for a single and video. "Trigger" is a pretty good track with a fantastic grind feel to the guitars that gives it a sort of likening to a trash song. The lyrics are sort of bland and don't really go anywhere or hold any more meaning than the papers they were probably scrawled on. The chorus is where the song comes together. Other standouts include "Dawn of a New Day", a bit of a risk being the most mellow track on the album and being relaltively tame, yet what sells it is the vocal work by Anders Friden and the acoustic passages. I'd also throw "Egonomic" in there as well as "Black & White" the album closer.

After listening to the album for so many times I start to maybe see where the band had wanted to take this album, make it a bit of an experiment and go in a new direction. But after seeing this effort and their latest travesty, Come Clarity, I feel the band has gone in a horrible direction. This however is just my opinon and does not necessarily mean that this album is any worse for the later efforts.