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In Flames > Come Clarity - EP > Reviews > mrsbrightside
In Flames - Come Clarity - EP

Good Mixture! - 78%

mrsbrightside, December 23rd, 2006

“Come Clarity” has the most wonderful intro I have ever heard of a band like In Flames. It is peaceful and the perfect listen when you want to listen to something calm and relaxing. The song is instrumentally very strong and the acoustic guitar gives the special note to it.

Everything just seemed so perfect until I heard the voice, that should support the wonderful sound of the guitar, for the first time. It was like hearing a cat, which just had been jumped on and trying to scream for help. That was definitely not the sound I was expecting! Luckely after listening to the vocals a few times, I started getting used to the voice and was able to concentrate on the positive things.

The chorus is a bit stronger and more into the In Flames direction and also from the vocals, the best part of the song. The solo is also high quality, just what we know from the older In Flames pieces.

“Only for the Weak” is my absolute favourite In Flames song. It has a very good melodic guitar sound, is up-beat and although I´m not the biggest fan of vocals in In Flames songs, especially not of the screaming, which is often used in the chorus (also here), it´s not disturbing. It really fits into the mood and lyrics of the song and gives it extra power and a special extraordinary feeling to it.

In my opinion, these two songs really match and complete eachother. Good quality is offered here.