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Why?! - 5%

Troodon_metallicus, November 26th, 2017

Really, why do In Flames even bother anymore? They haven’t put out anything worth a listen in ages, so why did I bother to check out this album when it appeared as a suggestion on Youtube? I knew it was going to be frustrating at best, but I played it nonetheless. Seriously, fuck my curiosity...

If you’ve heard anything starting with A Sense of Purpose, you know what to expect, alternative rock with scattered traces of melodic death metal. Regarding those traces, all I can say is ‘for fuck’s sake, In Flames, stop throwing us bones!’ And those traces are the least bad part of this album. I say ‘least bad’ because none of them are worth mentioning, they exist, nothing more. Someone could’ve made an actually listenable song out of those, but not In Flames, it's well-known they don’t give a shit anymore. The bass is next to impossible to hear, while the drums are just there, because they have to be present, I guess. As for the sections played on keyboards, as before, they serve no purpose whatsoever and are completely out of place, so why did they bother writing those in the first place? I won’t make examples, there is simply nothing worth taking out.

Anders Fridén is awful, as has been the case for years. When he tries to sing, he moans and wails, but what did anyone expect anyway? When he tries to growl... Oh, actually, there is nothing that deserves to be called a growl, so no use talking about that. He does use 'harsh vocals', however. And there’s a reason why I wrote it between quotation marks, because, believe it or not, they sound like he needs laxatives due to serious constipation problems. Yes, I wrote that, he sounds like he’s taking a shit. And I wish I could stop at that, but there is one new element when it comes to singing on this album... children's choir. That’s right, they dragged some children to provide backing vocals in a few seconds. How pretentious can musicians get? Dragging innocent kids into whatever crap you came up with? In Flames, you scum, you are not Pink Floyd and you will never write Another Brick in the Wall, so don’t drag kids into this! (huff) Sorry for this tirade, I had no choice... I feel sorry for those kids; one day, at least some of them will wake up thinking, ‘My god, I actually agreed to that? Yuck...’ And... no, I’m not talking about the lyrics, no way, angst this band’s become known for is too disgusting for me to even think about. (shudder)

When it comes to song structure, there are no surprises, In Flames try to emulate alternative rock and pop. But it’s even more frustrating now that it was, because it’s obvious they don’t give a shit anymore for whatever they write, how disjointed the end result is... I mean, nobody can combine pop, alternative rock, emo, melodic death metal and mallcore and come up with anything worth a damn, no matter how hard anyone were to try. Winds of Plague’s Decimate the Weak was very disjointed, but it’s, at the very least, way more coherent than this shit and they at least tried to combine genres that have connection to metal. Singing a slimy singalong chorus over riffs old In Flames would’ve rejected outright and would’ve been ashamed to write, while supported by drums that may as well have been programmed, with keyboards that make random sounds that are, aside from being pointless, also often hard to hear? This sounds like a recipe for disaster, not for writing songs. However, the band obviously doesn't think so. And the result is... (sigh) MORE WORTHLESS SHIT!

I cannot believe I’m about to say this, but, all things considered, this is worse than Soundtrack to Your Escape. That’s it! As far as I’m concerned, In Flames died with this album. And Anders really needs to take his laxatives. As for me, I need a good album to wash away the bad taste this... foul thing leaves behind.